The birth of an idea

In 2013, choreographer Marjaterttu Willman and producer Tuija Lindholm realised how little contemporary dance can be seen by joint dance performances by different dance groups or choreographers in Finland. The concept of triple bill has long been familiar in large international dance groups, offering the audience a versatile set of performances for the same evening. In Finland the problem often is the low number of repetitions of works. There may be a lot of resources for the premiere show, but even the critics favourites will usually not be shown again. Funding prioritizes only on the production of premieres.


The aim of the Dance Festival is to present a new premiere of Willman Dance Company every two years, as well as inviting strong Finnish dance groups.

The co-operation started developing on 2015 from the grassroot level as we invited dance groups actively influencing the dance field to co-operate with us. As we also found common enthusiasm for the replay of old works, the festival was born. The concept has been proven to work. 

The festival co-operates with different theatres suitable for dance performances. At the first festival in 2015, an atmospheric stage was found at Theatre Avoimet Ovet in the heart of Helsinki. The second festival was organised at the Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth in Cable Factory. 

Tanssin Voima is a great example of the strength of co-operation in the dance field.
Together we do, get and share more.


Marjaterttu Willman 

Kuva: Stanislav Belyayevski

Kuva: Stanislav Belyayevski

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